Searching for golf bookies on your own could be a bit overwhelming. If golf is your favourite sport to play, watch, and gamble on, this guide will help you select the online operator that is truly worth your money. The first thing you need to realise is that not all sportsbooks are the same. You need to pay attention to several important things if you don’t want your golf bets to go to waste. So, let’s begin.


Many online sportsbooks offer bonuses for their newest customers. Titanbet bonus for 2019 is one such example, and with their offer, you can get 100% on your first deposit up to £200 for betting on golf and other markets. However, this is not all. Some operators might also give you a no deposit bonus, which means you can make your first bet for free. If you’re more than just an occasional bettor, you might consider playing on a website that has loyalty programs where every bet gets you closer to a special status. Some bookies might also have bonuses which are exclusive to golf. This is a huge advantage if you are planning to gamble only on this sport.


Not many bookies include golf as their favourite market. Football, basketball and tennis are some of the sports that are much more popular than golf. Therefore, you will have plenty of offers related to these types of sports. Nevertheless, some bookmakers are dedicated to golf and cover all of its main events. Stay away from the sites that feature golf bets only once in a while. It would be frustrating to wait for your favourite PGA major to begin, and then realise that you can’t find it on your online casino.


Finding good odds is important for every sports gambler, and golf is in no way different. Every bookie will promote itself by saying that it has competitive odds, but this is simply not true. Certain bookmakers have better odds than the others, and that can be a massive difference if you are planning to bet big. Browse between several websites and try to compare the odds. You will notice a pattern and quickly realise which bookmaker offers the best odds out there.


If you have never wagered on this sport before, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with different types of existing golf bets. The most popular market, of course, is betting on the tournament winner. Simply choose your favourite and root for him or her to win the entire tournament. Each way bet allows you to bet on a player to either win or finish at one of the top places (usually with lower odds).

In First-round leader betting, you can wager on a golfer to have the best start on a tournament. If you’re not patient enough to wait for the whole event to finish, this is a perfect bet for you. Top 10 and top 20 finish bets are pretty self-explanatory. Match bets are when you are wagering on a player to finish better than another golfer. Nationality bets are also interesting — if there is more than one player from a certain country, you can wager on which one will finish best. The riskiest and the most rewarding market is a hole in one bet.

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