Golf is a game of precision and concentration. It originated around the 15th century in Scotland and is played on a golf course which consists of 18 holes. Many golf tournaments are being held across the globe, and the most popular ones are known as four majors: the U.S. Open, British Open, The Masters and the PGA Championship. Sadly, when it comes to golf in eSports, there are almost no golf tournaments being held.

However, there’s no reason for concern if you’re a fan of golf, as the sport is gaining daily fans from various sources. Sportsbooks are offering free bets on golf and bringing in those enthusiastic fans, while the game is getting more airtime on television channels, making it an event for a whole family to enjoy. Even video games are being themed after golf. After all, what better way to bring in the younger generations than with one of the most popular things kids like to do nowadays. We comprised a list of some of the most popular golf-themed video games that you could start playing right now.

The PGA Tour Franchise

Let’s start with the big one right off the bat! You cannot mention all of them, but you also cannot leave out any of the video games from this franchise as the whole series consists of more than 20 of them. You can credit the series for many innovations that revolutionised the way that golf is played in video games. The most notable innovation is the three-click method used for swinging the club that allows the players to fully control the shot. The star of the series was Tiger Woods. A good portion of the games included his own and made him a face of the PGA Tour Franchise.

Links Series

The series was first developed by Access Software and then by Microsoft after they acquired them. You could call them a direct competitor to the PGA Tour series as two games were often pitted against each other. Links Series is a pioneer of golf video games as they’ve inspired many business machine upgrades with their courses, stats, and sliders. They’ve re-created everything but the three-click power bar.

Sid Meier’s SimGolf

You may wonder how this one ended up on the list, but Sim Meier’s SimGolf will yield hours and hours of gameplay. It offers everything but your average golfing experience. EA Games published the game itself, and it is more of a real-world strategy game than an action sports game. The game is a mix between a SimCity and a Roller Coaster Tycoon, and it provides players with an opportunity to play from the perspective of a golf course manager.


There is a long way ahead of golf before it can become an eSports event. However, the games are on the right track as they are gaining in popularity with every new release. The videos games that are created nowadays can appeal to any crowd and on any platform, be that a PC or a console or even a mobile phone. As technology is making progress, the visual upgrades to the games become more and more distinct, and it is only a matter of time before the developers flawlessly transfer the full experience of golfing onto a video game.

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