The Royal North Devon golf club has been around for 154 years, thus making it the oldest one in England. Storms are slowly eating away the greens and the staff fears this will happen again in February. Golfers receive this sad news with concern for their club. Still, let’s move on to more positive thoughts. If you want to make a bet on upcoming golf tournaments, you can use this Bwin Promo Code 2018. Let’s hope this club will still be hosting big championships next year.

Mark Evans, 55, is the manager of this historical club and raises awareness that the upcoming spring tides are expected to cause yet another flood when the water will breach the pebble ridge. Other clubs have suffered as well. For example, the eighth tee was eaten by the flood Storm Eleanor caused at Westward Ho!.

At the moment, there are 3 holes at risk of damage: 7,8, and 9. Moving a hole would cost the club nearly £10,000. The 7th green has the highest risk of disappearing, being only 15m away from the water. He and the staff are very concerned with this erosion and even say all that was preventable.

Such events are not new, since every year, the water embodies the shore a little bit at a time. You might ask, what could have been done? Well, according to the manager, officers are failing to acknowledge this problem even though local councillors have been very helpful. After several assessments and surveys, they did not come up with a specific plan to prevent further erosion.

Short history

The famous Scottish golfer, Old Tom Morris designed the golf club in 1864. This was one of the many courses he created across Britain. The Royal title was given in 1867 by King Edward VII (who was at the time Prince of Wales). Believe it or not, few changes were made to the course design since 100 years ago.

A lot of great players showed their skills on the greens of the Royal North Devon Golf Club. The name of John Henry Taylor is the first that comes to mind, being a pioneer of modern golf. In fact, few people know that Taylor has actually started as a caddie boy at this club, but it didn’t take him long to become an acclaimed golf player. He came to be the Honorary President of the club in 1957.

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